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3 Tesla, Fully Digital MRI Scanner

A fully digital high-field MRI system with high performance gradient systems (amongst the most powerful and advanced units in the world). The unit provides exceptional image quality with shorter scan duration. The wide bore of the MRI unit as well as the interiors of the MRI room have been modelled to reduce patient anxiety and claustrophobia. The system has advanced imaging protocols to facilitate accurate diagnosis in neuro, cardiac, musculoskeletal and body imaging.

The system, which is has several cutting edge technologies such as – Ultrafast imaging protocols, Motion correction techniques that allow imaging of irritable and uncooperative patients, brain diffusion and perfusion studies, Arterial spin labelling, Functional MRI, MR spectroscopy, Diffusion tensor imaging, Whole body diffusion studies, Advanced cardiac imaging applications include myocardial perfusion and viability studies and Non-contrast MR Angiography

Multidetector CT scanner

Ensures maximum acquisition efficiency, providing speed, resolution, image quality and extended coverage with minimum possible radiation exposure. It has optimized application protocols for brain and spine imaging in uncooperative patients, high resolution 3D imaging of small structures, CT scan of joints, CT Angiography, perfusion imaging, and CT guided interventional procedures.

Colour Doppler Units

Most sophisticated Colour Doppler Systems with lightweight probes for Radiology, Vascular, Neuro and Cardiac applications. The system gives high resolution images in any plane to reveal the smallest details with stunning clarity.

Computed Radiography

Renders high-resolution radiographs with superior time efficiency. As no repetition and digital enhancement are required, rapid transfer of images for immediate investigation by physician is made possible through integration with PACS.

Advanced neurointerventional suite with 3D rotational angiography

Enables digital subtraction angiography which permits clear visualization of brain, spine and coronary blood vessels without interfence from bony or dense soft tissue environment.

3D rotational angiography provides an image of a particular vessel while the camera rotates around the patient in a predefined arc, enabling viewing of the structure from multiple angles with a single injection of contrast medium. It gives exquisitely detailed 3 Dimensional visualization of the blood vessels, thereby enabling faster and more accurate clinical decisions while treating complex abnormalities of the blood vessels.

Picture Archival and Communications System (PACS)

There is a local network connecting all imaging modalities like CR, CT, MRI and Cath lab to a common workstation. This facilitates faster transfer of the images to the radiologist’s and clinician’s desktop computer. This allows faster and more efficient reporting, faster clinical decisions and has drastically changed the way patients receive healthcare.