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Client Testimonials


    I visited for foot drop, I have shown to soo many doctors but no one explained what exactly happened to me. Doctor is soo polite, patience he explained very clear after thorough examination. He gave 10 min time even lot of crowd outside his op waiting for him. I got it done ncs test there. Technicians did thoroughly for 20 min. I got it done same before but they did it in 5 min. Results were always inconclusive before. But this time, it suggested compressive neuropathy. At last relieved. 


    Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time. The doctor was excellent who spend enough time to understand the issue and explained. Doctor was Had refer for do diagnosis ENMG WHICH COST 4000RS which was cost low than compare to other hospital and he given us discount also I am thank ful to doctor. I am using his prescribed medicine and I am feeling better. I strongly recommend my friends to consulting him 


    Dr. Siddarth Reddy is patient to listen and understand underlying symptoms. We are non localities and we were apprehensive of communication problems but Dr. Siddarth is very friendly and made sure we comfortable. He was clear to tell us of the ailment and treatment plan in one word we can say he is like our brother. I will sure recommend my contact that they should prefer Dr. Siddarth Reddy to others